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Sunday Morning
summary: genderbent Ianthony has sex and there's literally no plot.
genre: smut
warnings: gay sex
rating: m

Anthony is Antonia (shortened to Toni) and Ian is Isabelle.

It was early in the morning on an average Sunday, and Isabelle was in the kitchen, brewing some coffee. Donned in only a baggy shirt and panties, she rubbed her tired eyes as she threw the coffee grounds in the filter.

“Morning, sweetheart.” She heard Toni say behind her, and turned to face her with a sweet smile.

“Good morning.” she replied, and Toni took a step forward and put her hands lightly on Isabelle’s hips. She kissed her lightly, and Isabelle blushed and ran her fingers through Toni’s messy pixie-cut.

“You’ve got bed head.” She said admiringly, and Toni smiled.

“That tends to happen when you move around in bed. And boy did we move a lot last night.” She put her head down and gingerly kissed Isabelle’s neck, moving half a step closer so that they were only half an inch apart.

“I have a feeling we’re going to be doing that again.” She replied, moving one hand from her hair and down to the slight curve at her waist. She gave a breathy sigh when the soft kisses at her neck became more aggressive, now with tender biting. She took her other hand from Toni’s hair and went down, moving her thick bathrobe to the side and palming her breast.

“Belle.” Toni moaned next to her ear.

She smiled and teased her nipple, rolling it between her fingers and feeling it harden. With a light laugh, she pinched her, knowing just how her girlfriend liked it.

Moaning loudly, Toni shoved her against the counter and pressed against her, kissing her hard. Belle made an involuntary sound of delight, then moved one hand to Toni’s back, and used the other to cup her ass. She pushed their bodies even closer together, grinding against each other while kissing roughly. They were both aching with want, the coffee long forgotten.

Letting go of Toni’s ass, knowing she didn’t need the extra help to grind fiercely against her hips, she used her shaking fingers to undo the tie at the front of her bathrobe, pushing it away and letting it fall to the floor. Toni stopped and pulled away from her, both of them breathing ragged, and gave her a cheeky half-smile.

“Bedroom?” She raised a brow.

“Quickly.” Belle responded, and Toni smiled and grabbed her hand. She took off to the bedroom, Belle trailing behind her with shaking legs.

Inside, Toni wasted no time throwing Belle on the bed, causing her to laugh loudly. She sat up and took off her shirt, taking in the sight of Toni’s naked body. She was the taller of the two, pale and thin, with small tits and not many curves, and Belle thought she was gorgeous, craving her like she’d craved nothing before.

Toni smiled when Belle tossed her shirt to the ground, then crawled on the bed towards her. Belle settled down into the bed, and Toni positioned herself on top of her, hands beside her stomach and a knee on her inner thigh, but not touching anything else. Belle was the curvy one of the two, with long brown hair, creamy white skin and the most beautiful blue eyes she’d ever known. She loved it, and she could stare at her squirm with anticipation all day.

Instead, she leaned down and kissed her collar bone, then moved further down to her breast, flicking her tongue over one of her nipples. Belle gasped and Toni grabbed it gently in her teeth, causing a little moan to escape her soft lips. She decided to go lower, planting soft kisses down her ribs and stomach, then just beneath her navel.

“Don’t stop now, you damn tease.” Belle muttered after a moment, and Toni giggled before moving down to her spread legs, kissing and nipping at her inner thighs.

“Please.” Belle groaned, as Toni moved closer, and she smirked, loving the noises coming from her girlfriend.

Toni grabbed her panties (pink and lacy, she was such a girl), and pulled them down her legs quickly, throwing them on the floor and moving back to the task at hand. She spread her girlfriend’s legs again and admired the view, then after hearing a whine a few feet above her, finally decided to please her.

She circled her clit with her tongue, then flicked it, causing Belle to inhale sharply. Moving down further, she smiled at how soaked she was, and put her tongue inside her, feeling her shudder. She rubbed her hands up and down Belle’s thighs as she licked from her anus to her clit, causing her to moan softly. Alternating this with kissing and sucking, she was tearing her apart.

“Jesus.” Belle whispered, voice shaking. She grabbed the sheets with one hand and Toni’s hair with the other, rocking her hips gently against her mouth. “Fuck.”

Toni moved her tongue in and out of her, feeling her rocking hips moving faster and faster. Belle’s breath was becoming even more ragged, giving little squeaks as she reached her climax. With a sharp breath, she shuddered, fist tightly clenching the sheets as she arched her back and curled her toes.

Toni sighed and watched her relax, a loving look on her face. Belle looked down at her, face red, and giggled.

“You get up here.” She said with a weak laugh, and Toni crawled on top of her, this time with their skin lightly grazing, only increasing their arousal. As soon as she locked eyes with Belle, she flipped them over, surprising Toni, who was now underneath the other girl.

“I’m going to be way nicer than you and skip all the teasing.” Belle said, beaming, and reached down to find her just as wet as she was.

She put a finger inside her, slowly moving in and out for only a moment before adding a second, then began pumping in and out as she moved down and sucked on her neck. Toni moaned loudly, definitely the more rowdy of the two. Belle built up speed, moving hard against her, and Toni continued to moan. She paused and removed her fingers, and Toni whimpered at the lack of contact. She moved down slightly so her mouth was level with Toni’s tits and slid back into her, now using her thumb to lightly graze her clit with each stroke.

Picking up speed again, Belle kissed her chest as Toni moaned louder and louder, one hand pulling on her long hair and another on her back, nails digging into her soft skin.

“Fuck.” Toni panted, squeezing her eyes shut, “Fuck, I’m gonna fucking...oh fuck-”

She yelled out, and Belle felt her clench around her fingers. She slowed down, letting her come down from the orgasm, listening her shout turn to sighs.

“Come -- come here.” Toni said breathlessly, and Belle smiled at her bright red cheeks and watery brown eyes as she moved up and straddled her, their sensitive clits pressed together.

“Enjoying the show?” Isabelle asked, knowing how she looked, with her messy hair and red cheeks.

“Yeah.” Toni answered, reaching up and brushing her thumb across her nipple, causing it to harden. “But a little friction wouldn’t hurt.”

Belle moaned lightly and rocked her hips against her, giving them both some satisfaction. She repeated the action, slowly grinding against her, the sounds of her quiet sighs combining with Toni’s loud moaning. Toni put one hand on Belle’s hip, and the other on her ass, fondling it roughly as she moved wantonly against her.

Belle had a hand in Toni’s hair and another on her breast, lightly twisting her nipple in her fingers as she continued to rock, picking up speed and moving erratically. She shut her eyes and bit her lip, and Toni almost lost it just looking at her. She desperately moved her hips as well, and both of them were quivering as they moved against each other.

As her breathing became more uneven, Belle put her hands on either sides of Toni’s waist, supporting herself as she moved her hips in a circular motion, eyes still closed, almost as though she was too weak to go on.

“Belle, oh God, Belle.” Toni grunted between her moaning, and she cried out, Belle gasping at the same time as they came together, grinding against the other. Belle stopped first, shakily climbing off and tumbling onto the bed next to Toni.

They both lay together, the only noise in the room being their shaking breaths. Finally, Toni turned on her side, glowing, to look over at her girlfriend, who smiled a little and did the same.

“Want some coffee?” Belle asked her, moving in closer so their foreheads touched.

“In a few minutes.” Toni said, then let out a breathy laugh. “When I can walk again.”

Belle sighed and wrapped her arms around her, feeling her play with her hair. She loved Sundays.

A/N: This sex was pretty vanilla, because 1) I was in a rush so no creativity here and 2) pretty sure most of you guys are mainly in the Smosh, Sherlock, and Supernatural fandoms so you've never experienced a girl/girl ship and I didn't want to go overboard. Anyway I hope you all enjoyed, have a lovely day!
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thank you so much! i don't usually write smut and this was my first girl/girl smut so i was a little worried, but it was just a rushed little thing so it's whatever. but omg thank you :)

I'm in one of them states where my thoughts are asdfghjkl; and woooooooooooooooooooooah!
(I don't know if I should feel bad for liking this as much as I do but damn girl)

lol thank you, and hey don't feel bad, it's all fine :)

I am not ashamed that I love this fic.

I haven't read a genderbent!Smosh fic in a long time it wasn't as nearly as...toasty...or well written as this. [=

"When I can walk again." hahaha! THAT is how all fics should end. ;)

thank you so much! i thought i'd go for the genderbend because there are so few ladies for this fandom. and yes, they definitely should :)

There aren't enough ladies. And it seems like people are afraid to write about their girlfriends. :P

i'm a little scared to write their girlfriends too, tbh, it never happens and it would feel so weird writing about them! idk though, i'd love to see someone give it a shot and incorporate mel and kalel into the stories more. :)

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